blinkerbox e-line alpha21

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The blinkerbox e-line alpha21 is 91mm long, 34 mm wide and 21mm high. The length is measured over the mounting wings.

The blinkerbox contains the control electronics for the velorian e-bike blinkerset.

It meets the current requirements of the StVZO in Germany for turn signals on motorised two-wheelers, multi-track bicycles and the EMC directive for e-bikes.

The 3 connection cables are 150 cm long.

The board inside measures 29x63 mm and is approx. 1cm high

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Cable 1 is 2-core for the power supply is connected to the power source on the e-bike. This can be the connection cable of the headlight, or a separate connection cable for additional consumers, as many e-bikes have, or the battery itself.

The input voltage range of the indicator box is 6 - 55 volts DC, so it is not suitable for connection to the hub dynamo.

The output is 12 volts for the turn signals.

The electronics of the velorian e-bike indicator set are protected against reverse polarity, so nothing will break if the plus and minus connections are reversed. It simply does not work.

Cable 2 is 4-core and contains the connections for the rear turn signals.

Cable 3 has 10 wires and contains the connections for the front turn signals, the indicator switch and a status LED. The cables on the blinkerbox are replaceable. If you cut too short during assembly, this is annoying, but can be remedied by unscrewing the housing and reinserting a new longer cable.

The blinkerbox has a sound generator that makes the flashing audible. The sound is almost like the ticking of the indicator in a car and is just loud enough to be heard while driving. If you find the ticking annoying, you can switch it off via the indicator box configuration and alternatively mount a status LED on the handlebar.

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