velorian e-bike blinkerset configurable with a double button/switch for HP Scorpion fs/fx

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The velorian e-bike turn signal set configurable for the recumbent HP Scorpion fs/fx consisting of turn signal box, turn signal switches, LED turn signals for front and rear, turn signal brackets for front and rear and the necessary mounting hardware.

In this set, the cables for connecting the components are pre-assembled for operation with one hand by means of a toggle switch or double pushbutton.

Which control unit, which turn signals and which brackets are to be used is freely selectable.

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Blinkerbox HP Scorpion fs/fx
  • The blinkerbox e-line alpha22 is 91mm long, 34 mm wide and 21mm high. The length is measured over the mounting wings.

    The blinkerbox contains the control electronics for the velorian e-bike blinkerset.

    It meets the current requirements of the StVZO in Germany for turn signals on motorised two-wheelers, multi-track bicycles and the EMC directive for e-bikes.

    The 3 connection cables are 150 cm long.

    The board inside measures 29x63 mm and is approx. 1cm high

    > blinkerbox e-line alpha22 <

Switch/Button Switch one hand - optional
  • Switch/Button Switch one hand

    The mounting bracket of the switch also fits on the universal bracket, so that both can be combined into one element on the handlebar.

    Turn signal switch (horizontal) aluminum housing for 22 mm handlebars <

front indicator - optional
  • front indicator

    SHIN YO MODUL 1 LED indicator with 5 SMDs, E-tested for front and rear
    . Very unobtrusive and well-designed body made of plastic with SMD LED technology. This durable and powerful LED technology with specially adapted lens is brighter than normal LEDs with the same power consumption and allows for an extremely small and flat design. The indicator has been tested for horizontal installation and is suitable for laminating or gluing in.

    Width: 21.5 mm
    Height: 8.5 mm
    Depth: 11.5 mm

    > 1 Pair SHIN YO MODUL 1 LED Blinker <

Indicator brackets front - optional
  • Indicator brackets front

    Universal indicator bracket for mounting turn signals on 22 mm handlebars The mounting opening is oval up to 23 mm and thus avoids unsightly scratches on the aluminium handlebars.

    The universal indicator bracket can be combined with the velorian indicator switch or indicator button to form a unit, thus saving space on the handlebar.

    incl. 1 pair of M8 rubber cover sleeves matt black for clean cable termination at the indicator

    > 1 pair of velorian universal indicator bracket <

rear indicator - optional
  • rear indicator

    Smoke grey tinted indicator glass

    approx. dimensions: length 40mm x width 25mm x depth 20mm

    with lock nut / spacer washer and 20 mm M8 thread cable with approx. 17 cm length

    12V / 1W

    E-approval for front and rear (11/12)

    > 1 pair of LED fairing turn signals drop shape edged black tinted <

Indicator brackets rear - optional
  • Indicator brackets rear

    If the indicator on the pannier collides with the side pockets, this extension can help to solve the problem.

    Stainless steel U-profile with M4 slotted holes to accommodate 5 cm bolt spacing

    See illustrations for dimensions

    Bicycle carrier extension GVV1

Fastening - optional
  • 20 blade receptacles FH 2808-03 2.8x0.8mm/0.1-0.3mm²
    20 blade terminals FS 2808-10 2,8x0,8mm/0,5-1,0mm²
    2 blade terminals FV 2808

    > Blinkerbox Crimp Contacts Set <

  • Features : with heat shrink tube, fully insulated, waterproof.

    content : 30 pcs.

    max. cross section : 0.22 mm²
    min. cross section : 0.08 mm²

    inner diameter : 1.7 mm
    length : 25 mm

    shrinkage rate 2:1

    Melting temperature solder : 180 °C, operating temperature range : -55 - 135 °C

    RoHS compliant : Yes

Cable ties - optional
    • 20 cm wraparound tubing BLACK-(4.0-20.0MM)
    • 20 cm heat shrink tubing black 2:1 Ø 6,4mm
    • 2x20 cm heat shrink tubing black 2:1 Ø 3,2mm
    • 2x20 cm heat shrink tubing black 2:1 Ø 4,8mm
    • 10 cable ties 200 x 4.8 mm, black
    • 10 cable ties 200 x 3.6 mm, black

    > blinkerset cable ties and heat shrink tubing <


  • Insulating tape for cable fastening and insulation, does not slip and is more inconspicuous on the black bicycle frame than cable ties

    > Insulating tape as an alternative to cable ties <

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